Show Some Heart

Creative Lead: Alexis Contreras

Producer: Olly Manson

Editor: Ryan Kent

Video: Andrew Louie

As it is commonly said in boxing: the toughest fights happen outside the ring. ‘Show Some Heart’ stems from that thought. Like a true fighter, grit and determination are the corner we need to face our own individual and collective struggles. And for that, a good foundation is essential. Embracing competent care of our 4 pillars to our wellbeing - body, mind, emotions & spirit -  are what prep us to champion our battles. We aimed at  honoring the stories of some of those that have made an impact in the boxing community; professionally and at a grass-roots level. From fighters, coaches, entrepreneurs, and even the casual gym-goer, we shined the light on those whose own experiences and involvement provide an inspirational takeaway.